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Oh, she's only seventeen...
They couldn't think of something to say the day you burst...
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It's probably nothing, but it scared the shit out of me. I stayed at my friend's sister's house on Sunday. Sarah's housemate thought it would be fun to scare me.

At the bottom of the road where Sarah's house is, there's another road that runs across it. Alongside it is a cemetery. One night, one of Sarah's friends, Andy was walking along there. Two kids, one younger than the other, approached him. They were dressed in bright hoodies. Instead of feeling apprehensive, Andy felt totally at ease. The two kids stopped him and told him they were lost and asked if he would be able to help them find their way. Andy agreed, but told them he'd only be able to take them so far.

Andy walks the kids along the road, and the older one strikes up conversation; asking him what sort of music he was into and stuff like that. The younger child remained silent. As the three of them walked further down the road, Andy began to feel as though his heart was dropping further and further as he continued to walk with the children.

The smaller child then stopped, and says to the older kid; "We shouldn't be doing this, this is wrong," and with that Andy ran as far as he could until he is just in the next street. He turns back and the children are nowhere to be seen.

Only is it then that Andy realises why he was suddenly filled with dread; the children who had approached him had empty sockets where their eyes should have been.

I've been told, that if you look on google, this happens all over the world; two children, one older than the other, both in bright clothing. They always ask permission before they walk with or enter the homes of who they meet. It is always the same, you never notice their eyes until they have gotten away.

We drove along that road, that evening and saw nothing, but I think I can safely say, I have a new found fear of people in reflective jackets.
24th-Nov-2009 06:09 pm(no subject)


My name is


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Who are you?
8th-Nov-2009 06:32 pm - 87/365 Le Coke anyone?

A souvenir from Fraaance

8th-Nov-2009 06:32 pm - 86/365 Tom.

86/365 Tom., originally uploaded by CharlotteLipscombe.

Norwich like you to keep a sketch book to take to their interview. This is my first page.

8th-Nov-2009 06:30 pm - 85/365 Show Your Bones

I don't know about you, but I love them.

Shoulder blades, collarbones, jawbones, hip bones, shoulders ...

I love them.

8th-Nov-2009 06:29 pm - 84/365 Going to Norwich...

I think I fell in love with it. I'm angry at my self for not actually tacking pictures of it. I'll put it down to my attention being elsewhere (:

This is the one for me.

8th-Nov-2009 06:28 pm - 83/365

83/365, originally uploaded by CharlotteLipscombe.

8th-Nov-2009 06:28 pm - 81/365 Psychology.

81/365 Psychology., originally uploaded by CharlotteLipscombe.

We have a tiny class that like to go off topic a lot.

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